Destruction of Self, Family, Home, and Country

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Tim of ThyArt   10 Jan 2019 / updated: 10/Jan/2019

Conversation: The section on history covers ancient history, the middle ages, modern history, today's history, and tomorrow's history. There is an old saying that he who rules the media and puts the writing down on the records, the history we know of, it is his story. Over the last 200 years, every form of media has been swallowed up and controlled by what one must call the Elite. Whenever a new form of media came upon the world, it was quickly destroyed. Today the Internet creates an extreme challenge to hide the truth without being caught and exposed. The search engines have been bought and controlled and remain in the Elite’s hand to ensure searches primarily focus are not about successful searching of content but more successful at hiding content. It is extremely awkward researching a subject when old material (books) speaks differently than the way we learned it, then new material seems to pop up putting a twist on both the old material in the new material. It is like destroying history from all ends and making it impossible to compile an accurate record of events. In one single day, it would take an individual person his lifetime to evaluate all the happenings on just one day of news, such as today. The complete understanding history is near impossible to evaluate completely and accurately as a data or information, most destroyed or never recorded, becomes near infinite of all the data that would need to come to accurate conclusions.

Point: Watching channels like PBS, History Channel, and Discovery Channel I find they are creating a false history that is completely changing and destroying real history in the minds of the viewer. They talk of ancient civilizations as if they were there and existed today that they could tell exactly what those of past did, including what their thoughts were. They of course always put the disclaimer that “this material has been modified to make it more entertaining. Yes, everything that we deem as accurate from television documentaries, believed that they researched thoroughly, is actually tainted with Hollywood fakery and in most cases not accurate enough to be taken with any value, comparable to Wikipedia. Then speaking of Wikipedia, there are groups that go out and destroy history on purpose notably the Zionist have meetings between fellow Zionists on how to manipulate social media for the sole purpose of making it more in their favor. I think the sad part about it is the people watch shows and the news, swallow it up and act as if it is real and then any of the stories of any other different alternate view they will not accept because they have already become dedicated to the faulty story. It is sad when historians today do not ensure today’s writings of tomorrow’s history are written down correctly. Over time, history

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