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Request For Comment - Above Climate Change
Tim of ThyArt   17 Jan 2019 / updated: 20/Jan/2019

5-5: Climate Change is one of the most concerning but also revealing topics. It exposes the elite at the very top. The lies compile on top of each other to make a mountain that requires great ignorance to believe the story of Climate Change by Greenhouse Gases. Climate Change is a lie that is stealing billions of dollars annually from most every person around the world. It is the spark causing the Yellow Vest movement in France. It is killing many people placing them in borderline destitution and often unable to afford heat in the winter and air conditioning in the summer. This lie will cost most people around the world 4% of their income, to most a thousand to a few thousand dollars every year.

Climate Change is an extremely concerning issue that most people cannot comprehend or vision the amount of deceit and fraud that is in the billions of dollars annually, with plans to reach over one trillion per year within the next decade. This money, like a pyramid scheme is being fed back into the system to create more lies and fear-mongering. The cost of this scam to the average person on the planet will be around 4 percent of their income every year. That average person includes you! To some poverty stricken countries, it will be less but the burden will put them on the brink of destitution. The purpose is to take large sums of money collectively from the lower class and small businesses to retain social class borders and destroy competition. One does not comprehend if electric powered vehicles are forced on the public, even the poor will be forced to buy a newer or substandard compact electric vehicle, with the cost to operate a gasoline powered car would become unbearable for even the lower middle class income. This lie has many unseen cost and is going to destroy hundreds of millions of lives around the world placing many on the brink of poverty.

Opening Narrative: There is often a thin line between social classes and criminality. When a class of people has more money and power is allowed to control the laws and the media, they can dictate poverty and propaganda to the lesser society. When such classes of people unite and conspire against the common people of a country it becomes a serious crime. When a class of such wealth hires an Intellectual Elite class into existence filling Non-Governmental Offices (NGOs), knowledge becomes controlled and propaganda unchallenged. The number of people worldwide that are directly involved in the climate change rhetoric for fraud is in the tens of thousands. The Environmental Banking System (GEF) was conspired by names like Edmund De Rothschild and David Rockefeller. Those indirectly involved that are benefiting from grants, donations, renewable energy subsidizations (tax dollars), renewable energy investments, and lobby money is in the millions of people. The primary benefactors include the global banking and global oil industries. Those that own stock in oil also own stock in renewable energy.

System of Compliance by Ignorance: Many of the largest of governmental agencies (NASA, NOAA, EPA), largest Non-Governmental Offices and, largest universities have been building and supporting a rhetoric of "Climate Change" caused by carbon dioxide. Poorly constructed climate models, ignorance to scientific knowledge, data manipulation, and fabricated data are no longer speculation but proven, proven in these entities’ own writings and words. Many Scientist are being defamed and destroyed that speak the truth on this subject. Many of the people in fields of engineering and science have been raised to trust and respect through the education system the very people occupying the upper education that are purposely responsible for tainting science and committing fraud to acquire grant money. Because of these facts, many qualified to challenge this, dare not either because it would challenge their core trust of the system but many it is the loss of any possibility of good employment and reputation (something very important in the field of science). They ignore and devalue that over 31,000 educated in science in the United States alone were mailed a petition and returned by mail that petition stating that they consider Climate Change by carbon dioxide not concerning and the carbon dioxide more likely as beneficial to the planet. A consensus of 97 percent is a marketing term coined by an intellectual class.

Carbon Dioxide in the Atmosphere: The truth is that carbon dioxide's (CO2) primary supposed concerning wavelength of absorption (15um, ~1%) absorbs 100 percent within 10 to 30 meters of travel in the atmosphere, for the mid-range bands (~50) about 300 meters (328 yards) and for the outer side band area (~48), it is around 3,000 meters (3281 yards); this is at around 400 parts per million per volume (ppmv). This accounts for 98% or more of the energy that CO2 is able to absorb in this area. Half density of the atmosphere is around 6,000 meters (6562 yards), meaning no radiation within the carbon dioxide absorption range of absorption at 400ppmv can escape the Earth without consideration of conduction to other atmospheric molecules, reradiating to water molecules and convection to higher altitudes of heated molecules where the radiation is no longer trapped.

With CO2 at 250ppmv, most of the energy that the Earth emits in this range (~13.5um-17.5um) that CO2 can absorb is absorbed, at 400ppmv the logarithmic increase of energy available emitted from the Earth approaches zero, meaning no measurable increase beyond 400ppmv by such action as doubling to 800ppmv. An increase of CO2 from 300ppmv to 400ppmv would result in less than a tenth of a decree Celsius (more like < 0.01C) to the global temperature of the Earth's surface. To continue increasing the CO2 above 200ppmv would reduce the downward radiation from clouds, nullifying the energy to insignificant, and eventually result in overall cooling as the sum.

Another note any radiation that is re-emitted from carbon dioxide by spontaneous emission, the infrared absorption becomes narrower and more focused around the 15um wavelength with altitude, especially with the lesser air density at high altitudes, this equating to less molecules per specific volume and a reduced effect called spectral broadening, all adding further complexity to calculations while lessening the absorption at altitude. Even NASA has quoted that absorption above 6,000 meters is minimal, becoming non-existent with altitude. It is harder for radiation in this range to travel downward than to travel upward. Another fact often lied about is that CO2 does absorb radiation from the sun at about 10% compared to what it absorbs from Earth, therefore CO2 does prevent some energy from the sun from reaching the Earth; another factor in cooling effect as CO2 reaches above 400pppmv.

Water in the Atmosphere: The thermostat of the atmosphere is water. Water is the only molecule that exists in all three states of matter within the atmosphere (gas / ice / liquid) and this changing of state results in what is referred to as transfer of latent heat energy. The range of temperature in the troposphere is from around minus 60C (-76F) at the tropopause and near 20C (68) at the Earth's surface. In this range of temperatures, carbon dioxide difference in calories is 67.7 per gram, while water the difference in calories is ten times more at 668.7 per gram (going from a gas to an ice state). Water is the lightest of the common molecules in the troposphere making it physically desire to rise in altitude as higher density cooler molecules displace it due to gravity, along with its ability to absorb radiation from the Earth and sun, plus energy from other heated molecules that it contacts (including carbon dioxide) will also increases the property of water to convect in altitude. Water taking on heat rises and takes the energy away from the planet’s surface, in presence of cold condenses back to liquid or solid releasing latent heat and settles back to earth to maintain a balance. By watching water parts per million in its daily routine, one can witness this action as water is constantly in a cycle of taking heat from surface level and bringing that energy to extreme altitudes and releasing it as latent heat, then descending to repeat this process throughout the day. Visible verification that heat rises quickly can be seen in a hot grill, a pot of boiling water, and a bonfire. Each of these, a person can stand comfortably within a foot or two horizontally from these heat sources but a few feet above would fairly quickly burn the person. Flames from a fire primarily go up not horizontally along with the heat energy. This same effect of rising heat is constant in the Earth’s atmosphere, especially the superior heat absorbing and lighter water molecule. Then why is air cooler at altitude (lapse rate)? Less molecules per specific volume as rising warmer molecules expand maintaining energy equals a lower measurable temperature and energy per specific volume, as the energy is contained in the molecule. If one was to put one molecule in a vacuum of specific volume, say a meter cubed that has the energy at STP to be 20C, measuring the temperature of that space would not reveal 20C, this is the basics of the General Gas Law. Another factor ignored is the pressure of the atmosphere at sea level remains around 1013.25hPa varying around weather patterns, with a constant overall pressure, the density of the atmosphere will vary indirectly proportionate to the temperature. The atmosphere with a higher temperature will expand but since pressure is dictated by gravity on the mass of the atmosphere, the atmosphere will expand upward raising the tropopause while decreasing the density of the atmoshere at sea level. The density of the atmosphere at sea level is around 20% greater at the poles compared to the equator. The complexity of this topic also often ignores the viscosity of the atmosphere.

Water as Liquid and Ice: The clouds in the atmosphere are made of water in a liquid or solid state changing from a gas state causing the release of latent heat. This heat reduces the effect called lapse rate, slowing the vertical convection of lower altitude warm air. Cloud coverage average is between 50 to 70 percent over most of the Earth except for over the Antarctic; clouds are a large factor. Concerning infrared radiation emissions of the Earth’s surface, it is overall a two dimensional emitter of radiation. Clouds are solid or liquid and do emit infrared in three dimensions internally and outward as a grey-body (less than perfect blackbody). The clouds at 1,000 to 2,000 meters are about only 5C or 15C degrees colder than the Earth's surface below. As CO2 increases in quantity in the atmosphere, less of the radiation from clouds is able to return to the Earth, while the atmosphere above the cloud will still remain less able to absorb any worthy radiation with the colder, less dense, and with less spectral broadening. More CO2 in the atmosphere concerning clouds results in a less infrared reaching the surface of the Earth.

Water 1000 times greater Effect than CO2: The idea is always stated from these entities that water is not present in the upper troposphere but contrails from planes at 9,000 to 12,000 meters seen almost daily everywhere PROVE this as incorrect. One can take a picture with a camera on the clearest of days straight up, then evaluate it with an image program and will find the whiteness (fluffiness) varies displaying that water is forming a cloudy shield at altitudes well over 6,000 meters even in the clearest of skies.

Humidity is a factor in Global Mean Temperature. Humidity is a primary factor in the heat energy content and transport of the atmosphere, being ignored as insignificant by these entities promoting Climate Change by CO2. Any given time around the Equator it is rare to see a temperature above 100 Fahrenheit (F) and struggling to reach mid 90F even on a clear day with sun directly overhead as the water in the atmosphere will commonly be between 25,000 and 35,000ppmv. While at the 30 degree latitude of the Earth, it is common to see temperatures over 110F with an extremely low water presence of less than 10,000ppmv. While the rotation of the Earth causing the Hadley and Ferrell cells contributes to the distribution of the troposphere gases, it is the water that has the most control over the temperature as the air where these two cells come together around the 30 degree latitude, the air is higher pressure cooler air coming down but that does not prevent the sun from creating 110F temperatures.

Water is the responsible factor for weather and massive amounts of energy is transferred vertically daily through water through processes similar to virga. Water is constantly in the process of condensing then losing altitude and volume, gaining more energy evaporating gaining volume, and then rising again. The extreme power of water and its energy transfer can be seen in such phenomena’s as thunder storms, hurricanes, and tornadoes. Water is their purposeful ignorance, as it destroys the whole Climate Change by CO2 Greenhouse Gas theory. Water has heat transport capabilities the other gasses in the air do not have. Water absorbs 100% of the energy that could be asorbed by methane making it worthless as a greenhouse gas and a joke from or on the science community.

Water is 30 times more than CO2 by volume in the atmosphere, yet 50 to 80 times where it counts over 50% of the Earth’s surface between the 30N and 30S latitudes (warmest half of the Earth), making it easily 40 times a factor by volume. Water has the ability to transport 10 times more energy than CO2 due to its latent heat properties. Water absorbs over 3 times more the spectrum emitted by the Earth’s surface. That is 40x10x3=1200, water is 1200 times more a factor than CO2 and that is ignorant of water absorption and radiation emission properties of water in the liquid and solid state in the atmosphere, greatly increasing this factor. Our science community is playing dumb and CO2 is insignificant, water not only dwarfs it, it counters the effect of CO2.

Carbon Dioxide is of no Concern: The fact concerning carbon dioxide is most the radiated energy coming from Earth becomes trapped by around the level of 250ppmv and doubling from 300ppm to 600ppm or quadrupling to 1,200ppm does nothing as the atmosphere has already contained all available energy. Some say it would condense the temperature at a lower altitude, sadly overall ignorant and still subject to convection from wind, advection, most importantly convection in altitude of heated molecules, an undeniable FACT. When the sun is creating a high difference in temperature, transfer of heat to the atmosphere from the surface is primarily accomplished through conduction. At that point, the heat is immediately in the air at the surface and only through convection is the heat removed upward. Point made is if the CO2 absorbing energy causes increasing of heat at a lower level it would still result in convection upward at a faster rate.  The energy would still be subject to the actions of water on added heat to the atmosphere; causing excess heat energy to be removed through normal atmospheric and weather processes. The real truth is the energy expressed from these scientists, they abuse blackbody approximation theories to over exaggerate the amount of energy emitted from the Earth’s surface to support this lie.

The rest of the Atmosphere: Half life of spontaneous emission is supposedly 0.000000001 of a second. That means energy from absorbing radiation is quickly released. Though this is an extremely short time, molecules in this period will collide a few times with other molecules (approximately 50 times) transferring energy (most likely not to CO2), placing most of the energy into the Nitrogen (N2), Oxygen (O2), and Water (H2O), they make up 99% of the atmosphere.  Without a sufficient means to remove of the heat energy stored in N2 and O2 the Earth would be extremely hot. If O2 and N2 have means to directly release their heat energy known as temperature to outer space than greenhouse gases become insignificant, only important to the percentage change in the air (CO2 = 0.01%) minus the molecules they replace. If O2 and N2 require their heat energy to be transferred  to so called greenhouse gases than more greenhouse gases equates to more cooling, if so, without so named greenhouse gases the Earth’s atmosphere would be extremely hot. Either way the concept of Greenhouse Gases destroys itself. Concerning spontaneous emission the path to absorption is slightly more restrictive going downward toward the earth than going upward due to decreasing atmospheric density with altitude and decreased temperature. That means that most infrared energy becomes trapped until it is convected as heat to other molecules, with more going upward so any radiation added will evenly distribute proportionally upward and downward. There is no energy added to the system by this addition of CO2 over 400ppmv. The only addition of energy comes from the sun. Therefore, the only way carbon dioxide can warm the Earth is by allowing more sunlight to reach the Earth’s surface, which CO2 has no ability to do.

Knowledge to create Extortion: The entities mentioned understand cycles that are just like in 12 hours we can predict day will be night and 6 months summer will become winter. There are many cycles that affect the Earth’s overall climate and these fraudsters coming from the high educational institutes and large Non-Governmental Offices know these which they are using these natural occurrences to create a fear to steal the collective wealth from the common people to maintain security of their class structure; and get wealthier.

80 Year Cycle going Negative: They have until 2024 at most before the cycles revert to undeniable cooling do to a provable 80 year climate cycle (cold 1900s, 1970s, hot 1930s, 2000s, speculated cold 2040), hence their urgency for immediate compliance to their scheme is critical to the success of their FRAUD and EXTORTION. Hence there reason to push a story of Grand Solar Minimum to ensure the security of their lies in a noticeably cooler period. These entities need to cease and desist in their actions that not only defy basic science, but also due to the large money involved and being given to these entities to support this lie. There is an appearance of possible criminal extortion to the scale of billions of dollars annually. The false fear-mongering and lies need to stop immediately.

This is a crime against you and me! If you do not mind giving up 4% of your money for a lie, or do not care that many people will have to choose between energy use (heating / cooling of home (many will die)) or to put food on the table, then I guess you need not worry. We are already paying for this and the actions being performed are creating an indistructable system equal to their stock traded business system and central banking system. WAKE UP!


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