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You need to make Climate Change Personal
Tim of ThyArt   14 Jan 2019 / updated: 14/Jan/2019

5-5 You need to make Climate Change Personal: If Climate Change by carbon dioxide is real with what being presented on media, it could have serious implications to many (not most) people on Earth. If Climate Change by carbon dioxide is not real, the result will be an ignorant burden of over a thousand dollars annually to most every person on Earth, and a cost to not only their own financial wallet, but expensive to every business that us the cosumer will pay for, and debt to every local government to force increases in taxation. IT IS A FACT, EVERYONE needs to make the topic of Climate Change personal and it is seriously going to affect YOU!

What is your Personal Proof of Climate Change: To start this document, first, the individual must realize their beliefs on what Climate Change is, what it means to them, and how it will affect them personally, personally, not a polar bear in the south pole. Do not say sea level rise if it will not affect you personally.

How to start a conversation on Climate Change with the people you know.

 1. What evidence do you have PERSONALLY that humans are changing the Climate? Personally, not hear say, what evidence do you have?

They heard it on the news or from a group of scientist is not a valid answer. Do you know how many people have gone to war for lies from the counsel of kings for their gains or control and riches over time? To say a billion have died for such lies would be too kind. The ugliness of these wars spread pillaging, rape, famine, disease, etc…, all from lies for greed. To have faith in the word of propaganda passed down on the common people is ignorance.

If hesitant, narrow the questions range of related topics. Is it warmer now? Has it been warmer in the past? Is the sea where you are noticeably higher not due to erosion, covering ground it did not before? Have you personally seen less polar bears? Have you witnessed personally the reefs becoming less due to bleaching? Have you noticed less total ice on Greenland or the Antarctic?

2. How is Climate Change going to affect you personally in your future?

How is it going to affect you tomorrow? How is it going to affect you next month? How is it going to affect you next year? How is it going to affect you 5 years from now? How is it going to affect you 20 years from now?

3. How much hotter was today than last year, 5years ago, or 10 years ago?

4. How is Climate Change going to change the world by next year, 5 years from now, and 20 years from now?

Are humans going to exist twenty years from today?

5. How do humans cause a worthy amount of climate change from normal natural patterns?

How does the burning of fuel cause the climate to change? Do you know?

6. How much tax money is paid to climate change grants for research and education?

7. How much tax money is distributed to large corporations as subsidies that own investments in both oil products and renewable energy products?

8. Do you know what Cap & Trade, Carbon Taxes, and Carbon Credits are and what their effect will be on everyone you know?

Once Cap & Trade, Carbon Taxes, and Carbon credits are implemented, who is going to pay for them? If a business has to pay for carbon fees, carbon fines, carbon trading schemes, who is going to pay for their added cost to products and services in the end?

9. Some claim that 97 percent of all life forms will be extinct within 50 years with some scientist predicting humans will be gone before 2030. Do you think there is any validity to these predictions?

Reemphasis on 97% as that most life forms.

While it sounds laughable that all humans to be extinct by the year 2030, which is what some accepted mainstream news outlets have published.

10. Do you know what Agenda 21 is and how it supports the Global Banking Systems?

From eve of the 1992 Earth summit meeting, was created the Global Environmental Facility (GEF) that was conceived by Edmund De Rothschild and associates. Do you know what the GEF is?

Do you know about land grabs that have been happening under the guise of sustainability?

Do you know what the IPCC is, its structure, and the number of scientist involved and how it is directed to a specific outcome? Over 2,000 scientists active in the IPCC’s efforts not to validate climate change by carbon dioxide but focus on what such a theory could result in.



Definition of Climate Change: Google defines “Climate Change” as a noun that means, “A change in global or regional climate patterns, in particular a change apparent from the mid to late 20th century onwards and attributed largely to the increased levels of atmospheric carbon dioxide produced by the use of fossil fuels.”

Their definition says that such products as oil, gasoline, coal, and natural gas when used that the resultant carbon dioxide enters the atmosphere increasing the percentage, resulting in the climate to change. Somehow, this phenomenon caused by humans is now responsible for every major weather event that occurs or is amplifying such weather events to be more destructive. This climate change is responsible for melting the ice caps over the North Pole the Antarctic, and Greenland, resulting in sea level rise. Remember this is their story, therefore after disapproving the theory of warming by carbon dioxide, we will go through and debunk some of the fear mongering that the mainstream media continues to push on a daily basis.

Terms and buzzwords of Climate Change: There are buzzwords created for the sole purpose to promote fear and urgency into the common people at their mere mention. Often these buzzwords as in this case are designed to incite action to the targeted audience, to vote a particular preference and to stand up, being supportive to the cause.

The Buzzword Climate Change: Some claim the term “Climate Change” means a change in climate, which in most cases is incorrect. When one speaks climate it is well understood its definition but when change is added directly after, it becomes a term with a new definition. The two words have been combined to create a new meaning defined as ‘climate change that is not natural climate due to human induced factors, primarily addition of carbon dioxide. When one reads news or an article with the words “climate change”, the meaning is always understood as human caused change in climate. When using the old meaning one puts tense to the words such as “changed” or “is changing” or “changes”.

The Buzzword Greenhouse Effect: Some try to relate the term greenhouse gas or greenhouse effect to the physical greenhouse and its principles of operation. This is incorrect due to the two words combined create a new single definition. To quote the definition from a printed 1980 dictionary stating the meaning of greenhouse effect is: “The retention of heat from sunlight at the Earth’s surface, caused by atmospheric carbon dioxide that admits shortwave radiation but absorbs longwave radiation emitted by the Earth” - Webster dictionary 1980.

The Buzzword Global Warming: This is where the scientist messed up. If one creates terms to mean something such as humans are warming the earth but the term does not fit what actually is happening, resulting in them giving it a different name clearly indicates failure of the terms definition to describe what is happening. In other words the skeptical scientist were debating that the warming was not happening or not happening near the predictions of such entities as the IPCC, NASA, or NOAA.

Retention time of Carbon Dioxide: This is one of the most ignorant conversations in this whole debate in that carbon dioxide is present in the atmosphere mostly as equilibrium of balance. There are many factors that dictate the removal and addition of carbon dioxide to the atmosphere. Carbon Dioxide is not like water, as water changes its state of matter causing the water to combine forming water droplets that no longer belong in the atmosphere falling as rain. Carbon dioxide requires forces to push or pull it to and from the atmosphere. One fact that is ignored is carbon dioxide does react within its environment becoming a part of organic matter but also as non-organic carbon substances. Carbon dioxide does not just remain as carbon dioxide.

The Buzzword Skeptical Scientist: Like Global Warming, a term was created that backfired upon the Climate Change pushers making them look like the ignorant ones. It was clear that scientists should always remain skeptical and challenging for improvement of science. After much embarrassment, these pushers resolved to rebrand these people as not being skeptical but ignorant deniers. Now they are trying to reassign the title of skeptical scientist to those in support of Climate Change or believe that is not as catastrophic but climate change by human activity is overall real but less concerning; those with less concern are called lukewarmers. Those that oppose the theory are labeled deniers.

The Buzzword Deniers: The term denier is supposed to be an insulting one. This is to say the person denies science because they disagree with the theory attaching carbon dioxide to climate change. The term denier is to correlate the people to the denial of the holocaust and as a means to ensure such conversation is dead ended. Only unintelligent people go there or people with something to hide concerning Climate Change. Name calling is only second to digression to avoid a conversation that one is losing.

The Buzzword Acidification:  When carbon dioxide (CO2) is absorbed by seawater, chemical reactions occur that reduce seawater pH, carbonate ion concentration, and saturation states of biologically important calcium carbonate minerals. These chemical reactions are termed "ocean acidification" or "OA" for short.

The Buzzword Desertification: Desertification is the process by which fertile land becomes desert, typically as a result of drought, deforestation, or inappropriate agriculture." Desertification definition is now considered caused primarily by Climate Change.

The Buzzword “97%” Marketing Sales Pitch: Anyone that understands marketing and such techniques as the Delphi method it is about limiting the choices and constant repetition. 97% of the scientist (through inaccurate means), 97% of the life will become extinct (through imaginary speculation), 97% is a sales tactic and nothing more.

The Buzzword Alarmist: An alarmist is the name given to one that creates, preaches, and spreads the word of the catastrophic affects of what human induced climate change is or will cause in the near future. It is referred to one that pushes fear to the population, as in crying wolf. The problem with name calling it disconnects the victim from the reality of the conversation. We cannot have worthy conversation when each side is purposely using name calling. Name calling is a strategy to shut down conversation!


Facts against the Climate Change Story

Did you know that 31,000 scientists from JUST the United States (no other country allowed) signed a petition that was mailed to them personally through the post office mail system, with the 31,000 returned petitions verified for accuracy, this petition clearly stated that there is no evidence of concerning Climate Change. Not a polling of a few or a random review of scholastic papers, or a group of organizations say we are the 97%, the petition was real written and signed responses from known people in the field of science. Only a few scientist in the USA have put their signature stating that Climate Change by carbon dioxide is concerning that have not received some money for it.

1. The theory of Climate Change by carbon dioxide (CO2) is full of ignorance and foolishness. Global cooling is more likely with more CO2. There are specifics that are needed to validate this theory requiring expensive equipment and monitoring that require extensive time and multiple locations. Grant money in the billions is being abused to cause a continual need to evaluate and even reevaluate this subject so claimed scientist can continue an income.

2. Many natural cycles have been validated that are causing the current warming. (Sunspot / Gleissberg / Eddy) The current trend of the warming of Earth is following the cycles and is not at an increasing rate. There are at least ten large water body oscillations that cause observable cycles in climate (climate change). Most have heard on El Nino.

3. A large number of scientists and science organizations from around the world are receiving grants and donations in the billions of dollars annually to support the theory of climate change caused by humans. These do not number 97% of the science community but they are the louder group while the true majority works in valid jobs remaining silent, staying out of the foolishness, knowing they will be attacked both character and occupationally for views opposing these criminals falsifying science. It is one of the biggest pyramid schemes ever known to humanity, with the top being bankers and resource moguls with names like Rothschild and Rockefeller. As more countries fall for the rhetoric there is more money to buy bad scientist and spread the propaganda.

4. The global elite created an entity from out of the World Bank and International Money Fund known as the United Nations, from this entity, they crafted a plan of control over all of humanity titled Agenda 21. Agenda 21 now named “2030 Agenda” is a means to an ends, with the means being fear-mongering. The book to promote the means is called “Global Biodiversity Assessment”. The end goal is a particular society of elite and their families maintain overall control of global activities beyond the Twenty First Century.

5. Carbon dioxide will increase absorption in both upward and downward directions making it not only less likely CO2 emissions will reach the ground but emissions from clouds will also be reduced. While the science seems to support the theory, the theory works only through ignorance to the rest of the science.

6. Water in the atmosphere is over 1,000 times more effective than CO2 towards governing the climate. It presence is 30 times more in the atmosphere, 50 times more where it counts. H2O absorbs about 4 times more of the infrared emitted by the Earth, but H2O absorbs 10 times more with any cloud coverage.  H2O due to latent properties has 10 times the energy transfer rate from ground to tropopause than CO2. That is 30x10x4=1,200 (without clouds) and 50x10x10=5,000 (with clouds) that H2O is times more effect than CO2. The surface area of the Earth is πr2, a cloud above is 2πr2 to 4πr2, 2 to 4 times the area emitting Infrared in all areas over that area of Earth. 

7. Methane is rhetoric that fails the science as H2O absorbs 100% in the area that methane absorbs. Climate Change by methane makes scientists intelligence questionable and is moronic.

8. There is no means to qualify a Global Mean Average Temperature; past, present, or near future.  A Global Average Temperature is the keystone to quantifying the Climate Change rhetoric. This is another topic that brings question to scientists’ intelligence.

9. Greenland is not melting away. Greenland gains a net average of 350 Gigatons every year to its surface including loss to melt. The only means to Greenland to have loss is through glaciers, with Greenland design restricting glacier flow due to mountains bordering the ice sheet. Means used to measure glacier rates are completely worthless.

10. Antarctica remains too cold for any melt to occur. Rhetoric of ice shelves breaking off into the ocean have already displaced the water, having no effect on sea level rise. Volcanoes that are causing a collapse of the ice sheet are provable as false, nothing more than fear-mongering.

11. Sea Level Rise is a questionable science as many factors play into comparing land to sea levels. There seems to be enough proof that there is a linear rate of overall sea level rise that matches that of the cycles causing the current warming of the Earth.

12. Ocean Acidification is bad science and assumes pH +H controls the pOH base (alkalinity) of the ocean when it is actually -OH. CO2 with water makes an extremely weak acid, not able to neutralize the ocean’s overall pOH. Concerning bleaching, they cannot decide if it is a degree increase in temperature or the increase in CO2 that is causing the mostly fabricated bleaching rhetoric. Most of the coral death is occurring in areas subject to human made chemical exposures.

13. Storms and Disasters are not getting worse but are being rated worse through improved methods to locate and observe such events. Through population expansion, airplanes, satellites, and improved measurement techniques, these events can appear to be worse. Much of the flooding inland that is occurring is due to dam destructions and proper dam water management control. Cost of disasters has gone up exponentially not only due to inflation but also due to the expensive toys that humans have that fill their homes and garages.

14. Consensus of Climate Change already involved enough scientist employed in the original effort to appear as a consensus with funding provided to the science entities that supported the Climate Change theory. These scientists have the power of Internet Search, Social Media platforms, and Mainstream Media backing them on a daily basis. While 30,000 with education in science within the USA alone that signed a hand mail petition are ignored and devalued.

15. When one closely evaluates the data of Climate Change, one finds strong manipulation and even fabrication to support the theory exponential warming to be more prominent in recent decades. Data manipulation and fabrication that is happening by trusted entities such as NASA and NOAA. They always have reasons for the adjustments but it is almost always to the side of the rhetoric, besides when they roll back changes that are making them look bad that the reason is proven invalid.

16. The money of Climate Change is great. The money provides grants and funding in the billions of dollars, it provides tens of billions in subsidies, it provides trillions in renewable energy sales, it provides hundreds of billions in loans to big banks, and those people of the global capitalism and banking are raking in the money; most of which are also well invested in oil infrastructure. The Joke is on most everyone!

17. When Agenda 21 was implemented and within its documentation, the plan was to focus on the youth. Their plan was to steal the upcoming generation while the parents trusted the teachers to do their children right. Ten years later, those 20 to 30 years old were trained into a lie for this extortion scam. Twenty years later their children were being raised and trained to their glee, to protect the Earth from carbon dioxide. Now in 2018, we are watching a third generation being trained into a lie. If someone is trained wrong and believe a lie they become under a delusion, hence delusional; how do we convince one that those they trusted ignorantly trained them incorrectly?

18. Fear Mongering for money is extortion.

19. Bad Science

20. Political and Social attachments

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