Destruction of Self, Family, Home, and Country

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Tim of ThyArt   10 Jan 2019 / updated: 10/Jan/2019

Conversations: Hopefully, I will be able to soon drop the pen losing concern of the possibility that one day the so called Elite leaders are going to throw the world into a darkness that has never seen before. A plot of which many of the Elite Intellectuals have hinted at of population reduction to the number of less than one billion, or from a negative view the MURDER OF SIX BILLION PEOPLE. Maybe the true purpose of the Agenda 21 in creating a system that concentrates human life in or near urban centers to result a more effective nuclear holocaust coupled with lightning fast deadly pandemic, paralleled with resulting destruction of food supply lines causing a famine of billions. If this truly is their plan, I alone have no power to alter this course. Then why should I worry or dwell in concern?

The Ant Farm: Most people think they are somebody and very few know somebody that is the true upper class of Elite that run humanity on this earth. To many people it is really not that bad a life on the ant farm but for some reason they think they are higher up the totem pole or can get much higher up. Most people feel their measure is the height that they get by stepping upon other humans, to some dead or alive does not matter.

The Retards: My research has led me to understand that retardedness seems to be a goal of these Elite, which makes them the most retarded of which is a plot of evil. To me I am one of the most retarded I know because as I research I am finding out all the ways I fail to align with the balance of Toa caused by these retarded Elite people doing their best to make retards of you and me. The worst part is some of these deviations are habitual to nearly addictive, being irreversible. I am retarded to think I can change this world to make it better and even get the idea of the possibility of a Utopia.

Point: Ten years of research has lead to tens of thousands of jaw dropping material that should seem more of interest to people that respect self enough not to accept being lied to and following a normal that steals their happiness, health, and wealth. This should be Friday night's enjoyment with a soda and some popcorn.

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