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Tim LeClair   20 Aug 2017 / updated: 20/Aug/2017


Understand the Power of Thyart

Thyart - The art of self - ThyArt.Net

The words here are not to remain in this document but to transform in perfection of thyart to become your words, your action. Do not live the words but plant them as seeds.

Tao - The Way: Tao referred to as “The Way”.  Tao is the mystery of all that is the great balance within life and the universe. Tao is the philosophy of all, not a religion. When the word Tao is used, replace the word Tao with one’s understanding of life, whether god or science or nature or just unknown. Tao is a philosophy of understanding of what cannot be understood.

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     Tao Te ThyArt
      Page 2 of 114

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