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     Te - Archaic Virtues
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Te - The Archaic Virtues
Tim LeClair   20 Aug 2017 / updated: 20/Aug/2017

Te - The Archaic Virtues

One is born to the perfect balance of Tao. Through Te, one raised well can remain virtuous in Tao. Hold dear to the Archaic Virtues and life, a happy content life.

Tao seems so lifeless, uncaring and unresponsive yet through Te, life, caring and response are inherent in Tao exposing what is truly beautiful.

Do not destroy the virtues of a child. For most entering the concept of Tao and ThyArt later in life know the hardships and have suffered as the result.

Te - The Archaic Virtues
Humanity is born with or matured into certain virtues. These are the archaic virtues. These virtues align the spirit with Tao and protect us. Some of these virtues are best to remain with one for life.  Some of these virtues are part of our growing process and are eventually diminished or destroyed. Some virtues once lost can never be regained, while some can be partially restored. Much effort from those with evil intent work hard to destroy these virtues, finding prosper from the loss of another. That is the balance of Tao, through loss is gain and evil seek more than their share.

Many older that have lost most their virtues prematurely know of these virtues’ and their importance. The pathetic pull others down to share in misery, while the wise teach and support these virtues often in what is seemingly hypocrisy. By standing strong and more virtuous, one can remain more content and pleased with self.

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     Te - Archaic Virtues
      Page 8 of 114

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