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     Te - Unity
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Te - Society
Tim LeClair   23 Aug 2017 / updated: 23/Aug/2017

Te - Society

The balance of Tao is amazing.  Humanity cannot exist in the balance of Tao for the silence and stillness would drive it to insanity. There is no human definition of the perfection of Tao. There is no ability to achieve such balance in a human. What would love be without hate? What would rich be without poor? What would black be without white? What would winning be without losing? To create the perfect society in Tao, one must understand the importance to balance these in that they remain weak so the opposite also remains weak. For Tao does not balance in love or hate but caring, Tao does not value rich or poor but contentment, Tao does not win or loss but accomplishes, Tao does not see black or white but beyond the rainbow. The only chance for peace in the individual, a family, a community, a country, and the world, is through caring leaders that understand and take benefit from Tao.

ThyArt Society

Humanity cannot exist within just one human; that will result in extinction. The greatness of humanity shows in its greatness of the family and the society. Societies are of Tao and are both the blessing and the destruction of humanity. A society shattered and scattered must exist on lies and deceit, becoming a cancer to the other societies and self. A society of the individual starts with the individual and expands to home, then expands to the neighborhood, then to the village limits, then to the country, then to the world. It is this order that the Thyartist respects. Individualism is the creation of unity. Collectivism is the eventual destruction of society.

When society overpowers the individual traits to make it seem selected traits are the collective traits delusion becomes retardation. With this retardation, often with thought of better through collective love and intelligence there grows hate and stupidity. There is nothing worthy of the collective that is not from the individual.

It starts with one, then two come together starting a family, the family grows into a society, the society grows and divides into multiple societies, the societies develop culture, with time the cultures collide creating hate and wars, war and hate are beaten down by sorrow and sadness. Collectivism will overcome Individualism. Man will forget how to be a man and a woman will forget how to be a woman. Humanity will kill for delusion and follow foolish leaders to their own death and the destruction of their family. Somewhere amongst this madness, humanity never finds a balance that maintains a peace and happiness. Why does humanity seem unable to prevent failure that leads to war, hate, destruction, and murder? The most brilliant of minds have failed the common people. Maybe because the brilliance of these minds is an illusion of idolizing from self ignoring all people are of near equal intelligence. These leaders are from intelligence lost and only have greed and pride. The common people failed by losing their own brilliance to believe those leading are truly more brilliant. Make a society of noble individuals that create a system of laws that protect the individual, where no crime if without a victim, and no entity put above the individual. A king commit the death of one be the same as a common person commit the death of one, both served with the same penalty. Make a society that only an individual could hate, yet the collective accept freely.

ThyArt is to shatter everything collective into divisions of individualists. When a collective consist of a billion individuals that can find respect for all other traits due to demand for respect to their own traits, then no collective can become the master over the individual.

Tao Te Ching 3: Do not place pride in another, do not idolize or seek people of expressed superiority for association or employment.

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     Te - Unity
      Page 44 of 114

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