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     Destruction of ThyArt
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Tim LeClair   23 Aug 2017 / updated: 23/Aug/2017 11:59 AM

Order in society is the strength of humanity. Freedom of individualism is human strength. A society that promotes and unites individualism is one that will succeed. Individually humanity is of beauty. When humanity finds collective means of grouping, it manifest to ugliness. When humanity divides in collective means on ethnicity, racial, religious, country, etc…, Tao becomes unbalanced and hate and death will follow. Until all countries find unity in the balance of Tao, there must be countries. Until all heritages find unity to keep the balance of Tao, there must be racial boundaries. Until all god fearing people find a means to keep the balance in Tao, religions will exist. Collectivism is comparable to a building designed to reach to the end of the sky, it will eventual collapse before it reaches expectations due to its own design is flawed and impossible in Tao. Collectivism must always retain individualism or it will fail through its own design.

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     Destruction of ThyArt
      Page 97 of 114

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