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ThyArt Society   12 Dec 2018 / updated: 23/Dec/2018 08:43 PM

There is a serious disease in humanity by natural design called collectivism. When collectivism destroys the individual, a hate is created against all those that fail to follow that collective. Humanity grows from a few into many and with it grows collectivism. This collectivism grows into the destruction of many, hence the balance of humanity. Solve this problem and one solves many of humanity's problems.

ThyArt is currently the writings from ThyArt Network LLC with the purpose of defining a system that allows people to the right to be individuals. ThyArt in its infancy was born out of the research from Puzzling Words and led to the creation of "Tao Te ThyArt". Puzzling Words research was to create questions that should be and dared to be asked if humanity really desired to progress from its own ugliness. ThyArt currently in its adolescence, laying down the frame work for building the ThyArt Society and a world that does not let the collective overpower the individual rights nor an individual become the collective thought. Two documents offer guidance to ThyArt, The first, for the individual is the "Tao Te Ching". The second, for government is "Common Sense by Thomas Paine". In this adolescence phase, a document labeled "ThyArt Society" will be created to structure the reason for ThyArt and the end product of ThyArt. Starting in the year 2019, the document titled "DARK 2020" will refine the Puzzling Words research and emphasize the reason and motivation that humanity must progress. Also in the ground work will be laid for "ThyArt - Above" document for campaigns focused on current issues facing humanity and "ThyArt - A Good Life" document to provide individuals a better knowledge of the obstacles presented in a normal life. As ThyArt matures the document "ThyArt - Common Sense" will be created that will define what could be a One World Government and its possible implementation.

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