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TEST PAGE: Preparing for January 2019
Tim of ThyArt   04 Dec 2018 / updated: 21/Dec/2018
NOTE: This Post has been retired, full article can be found on Smashwords at the link at the bottom of post.

This is a test of the retired feature. When retired an article reverts to a shorter version of the article or a summary. The purpose of this is to find value in what often takes rarely hours but most often days and sometimes weeks to compile. The previous ignoring the research that can span months if not years. The full text remains active while it is deemed to have marketing value, after that, a lesser version will be placed up with location to the full text on a publishing entity as Smashwords. While some articles will be too short to warrant a separate publication, they will be place in a collection called a volume that compiles related topics. All the volumes will also be compiled into a full set with all material as per example, DARK 2020; will be able to be purchased from Smashwords with all of the DARK 2020 content, updated with new articles monthly.

This post is to test the features that I am adding to the website. I am getting ready to add a feature to retire articles and make them available on Smashwords; this will help provide funding and determine whether an article is best for marketing or not. I will be testing a new means to embed videos into articles. I will be adding a next and previous link to the bottom to display the title so a viewer will be more attracted to more articles posted. I am working on a "like" system that will allow viewers to rate DARK 2020 articles on probability and concern, giving the article a viewer rating. I am considering turning on subscriptions for Patreon sponsors to allow them continued access to retired articles that would else wise require purchasing through Smashwords or it distributors. Also this is a test of the BLOG feature which is opposite the book feature and added articles weighted the same will appear with the latest at the top of the feed (like a normal BLOG).

Another feature is to add a Facebook link for people to provide feedback to the article. This will be a 3rd button on the bottom with the share to Twitter and Facebook.

Stay TUNED! Remember all of the articles under DARK 2020 will become unpublished within a week or two and will be updated then republished. Happy Holidays!!

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