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NOTE: All Articles of DARK 2020 come from Puzzling Words. These will become unpublished before 2019. Starting in 2019, the articles will be updated and republished over the next 2 years.
Preparing for January 2019
Tim of ThyArt   04 Dec 2018 04:08 PM pst

This post is to test the features that I am adding to the website. I am getting ready to add a feature to retire articles and make them available on Smashwords; this will help provide funding and determine whether an article is best for marketing or not. I will be testing a new means to embed videos into articles. I will be adding a next and previous link to the bottom to display the title so a viewer will be more attracted to more articles posted. I am working on a "like" system that will allow viewers to rate DARK 2020 articles on probability and concern, giving the article a viewer rating. I am considering turning on subscriptions for Patreon sponsors to allow them continued access to retired articles that would else wise require purchasing through Smashwords or it distributors. Also this is a test of the BLOG feature which is opposite the book feature and added articles weighted the same will appear with the latest at the top of the feed (like a normal BLOG).

Another feature is to add a Facebook link for people to provide feedback to the article. This will be a 3rd button on the bottom with the share to Twitter and Facebook.

Stay TUNED! Remember all of the articles under DARK 2020 will become unpublished within a week or two and will be updated then republished. Happy Holidays!!

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     ThyArt Primer
      Page 2 of 387

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