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Status Page
ThyArt Society   03 Oct 2018 / updated: 28/Jan/2019

11 January 2018: The unexpected delay was a few weeks ago my mother passed away. This required traveling and arrangements that felt best to concentrate all efforts on. Therefore many changes still need to be incorporated so I can move forward to my first publishing of the new "ThyArt DARK" material (no longer DARK 2020). My plan is to publish 40 articles and 20 volumes this year mostly under ThyArt DARK. My first effort will be the topic of Health with the volume release scheduled by January of this year. Let me get the website modifications done so I can start publishing!

30 December 2018: Due to an unexpected situation, there has been a 3 week delay in the plans to have everything operational for the beginning of January 2019. This will be explained on the 7th of January.

20 December 2018: DARK 2020 will be move to a hidden book on this website. Once the opening content is finished for DARK 2020, the volume content will be updated, then published to Smashwords. This is a priority and a strategy to fund this project, not seeing any other way to make people support efforts that bring awareness to how the system drains them of their money, health, and their happiness.

"Whose side are you on? If you can label yourself as on a side, no matter the side, you are not on the side of truth or progression. If you have a religion, they have stole it and made it for their purpose; honor your god only. If you label yourself by a heritage, they have defined it to their benefit; see people as only good or bad. If you have a political party, you are supporting their party; maybe we need a party for individuals. If you have a collective right that defines a collective wrong, then something is wrong with your collective; never collectivize. We must find in us our individual self and never allow a collective to own our thoughts and actions. If you are on such a side, you are part of a balancing act with the purpose of holding you down as a person."

17 December 2018: Struggling to simplify the efforts of ThyArt is leading to new changes. The plan was to draft a simple document for ThyArt Society but the complexity of the wording to keep it brief but powerful would take too much time. The answer was that this information was already touched upon in Tao Te ThyArt, therefore that is the document defining the draft of ThyArt Society and also Common Sense. This can be found here: Te - Society. Efforts now will be to work on website improvements and uploading the DARK 2020 volume sets to Smashwords before the end of the year.

5 December 2018: How do we turn ugliness into beauty? How can you make someone think that is acting stupidly? How can progression to better happen when the majority have been fooled into believing progression for the worse is progression for the better? How can you tell humanity they are not as intelligent as they think they are? How can 7 billion individuals stop collectivizing into groups of love for a few with hate for most?

4 December 2018: Good progress on website modifications were made today with much more remaining.  I am working on a "like system", for DARK 2020 and may have to create a separate one for ThyArt post (not a problem). The Article retirement system is for DARK 2020 post only. This retirement system will allow a post to stay active for one month and once retired will be put up on Smashwords, updating the Volume and the Full DARK 2020 set with all the new material before retirement of such posts. Smashwords and most eBook distributors allow the person that purchased a book to receive any updates to the material at no extra cost. Where people purchase more of one volume gives me direction to produce more content to that volume.

1 December 2018: I Have logged out of Facebook and have unpublished the page "Above Climate Change". My goal is to focus completely on the publishing of the rough of the ThyArt Society guide in this month. Next year 2019, will be about finishing DARK 2020. ThyArt Society will become a society of one until the ThyArt Society document is complete; that should be 2 or 3 years from now. Until then DARK 2020 will bring enlightenment for the need of such ThyArt Society. Climate change will be contained in Volume 10 of DARK 2020, and will not become an Above campaign as originally planned. Currently the complete Tao Te ThyArt is available here. A good part of Puzzling Words 2012 is uploaded under DARK 2020 and will be taken down by the end of the year. These will be updated and reposted as DARK 2020 content, and will remain available as long as they provide value to building an audience. Once a post is deemed as no value to marketing, the post will be retired, replaced with reduced content version with direction to where the post can be purchased individually, part of a volume of DARK 2020, or as the DARK 2020 full set of volumes. As articles are posted here they will be periodically updated to the corrosponding Volume set and to DARK 2020.

10 November 2018: By the end of November, big changes will be made. ThyArt will become all it was meant to be. ThyArt is to become nothing, nothing more than writings. Writings that one day hope to inspire a society that seeks individualism over collectivism. The question becomes is humanity intelligent enough to raise itself from its past to stop repeating it? Can humanity rise above its own ignorance and greediness to find compassion toward change?

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