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     Destruction of ThyArt
      Page 109 of 114
Tim LeClair   23 Aug 2017 / updated: 23/Aug/2017

Oh the web we weave, especially before coming to the knowledge of ThyArt. Through life, many become victims of our existence. Some happenings are purposeful while some not, some happenings avoidable while some not. The past is firm but spirits are flexible. One that can feel guilt has potential to repair the spirit. One must apologize and move on, putting the guilt away in the depths only as a reminder of never again if possible. Do not dwell in guilt, as it will destroy thyart. Be careful not to blame the victim. The pain of a remembered violation of a victim with conscience is the punishment. To lose conscience is the beginning of worthlessness to society. There is no righteous or innocence in and action committed for collectivism. If one knows right and wrong there becomes no justification in violating another individual. Avoid guilt, as it will forever be ugliness to thyart.

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     Destruction of ThyArt
      Page 109 of 114

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