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     Destruction of ThyArt
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Tim LeClair   23 Aug 2017 / updated: 23/Aug/2017

Tao Te ThyArt - Thyart, the Canvas

   As I go through life, a painting is created that is I. It is my canvas and upon it is thyart. Some of the artistry comes from thy self and some from others. No matter, I am the one that molds each situation into what it is, whether it displays as something ugly or beautiful. I must ask myself, is it presentable to my purpose? Can I make Thyart be considered exemplary and a model for duplication? With this understanding, I must make sure the summations of the strokes are pleasing and memorable. I must touch up the past and I must strive to paint a brilliant future. My Spirit must become indomitable. My dedication to worthy commitments must be fearless. My life is about me through my responsibilities to create great unity among all good people and improving humanity by one (thyart).

Be pleased with what is on the canvas.

For a better understanding of Tao and Te, one can find the answers in the Tao Te Ching.

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     Destruction of ThyArt
      Page 110 of 114

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