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NOTE: All Articles of DARK 2020 come from Puzzling Words. These will become unpublished before 2019. Starting in 2019, the articles will be updated and republished over the next 2 years.
Guide to the Layout and using the Puzzle Pieces
Tim LeClair   18 Dec 2015 02:44 PM pst

Each page contains a different subject and a piece to the puzzle.

Title: Just a title

Rating after the title: (those two numbers, 4-5)

The first number rates the possibility or provability of my Puzzling Word statements.
1: Not possible or unlikely
2: Could be possible
3: Strongly possible
4: Strong Evidence
5: FACT or Will Happen

The second number rates importance to the individual and overall population
1: No effect on individual or population or nothing to be concerned about
2: Could have an effect on certain individuals or effect on large percent of population
3: Strong possibility to have an effect on certain individuals or effect on large percent of population
4: Does have some implications to the individual or some effects large percent of population
5: Does have serious implications to the individual or effects large percent of population

The rating system is to give a better understanding of my view on the puzzle piece to whether it is in the book because I am 100% or whether I do have doubts. This coupled with the second number of the seriousness of if the puzzle piece is correct total a worth of the puzzle piece. If the total is 8 or more the color is red or darker gray, else it is light blue or gray. If less that 6, it is not worthy of concern and has no place in his book.

(1-5) a low first number to a high second number would likely equate to fear mongering.
(5-1) a high first number to a low second number would likely equate to trivial information.
You will not see a (2-3) or a (3-2), as these are unlikely without enough need for concern.
A (5-5) indicates there is enough information to back statements and it does have a serious impact on most.

My Rant: The purpose here is not to go into great detail by trying to convince the reader 100% but to gain enough interest to incite the reader to research the subject for them to come to their own conclusion.

YouTube Videos: On most puzzle pieces, there are some YouTube videos of interest. For the eBook version clicking on the title will direct one to the video on YouTube. For the print version, one can go to YouTube and type the title in the search bar.

Search Results with points of interest in title or bold text: The search results have the URL to the website that the text came from. The eBook version clicking on the title will give access to the webpage of origin.

Search Terms and puzzle URL on ThyArt.Net for links and videos:

ThyArt.Net link: The ThyArt.Net link allows the print book to type the number into a web browser and gain access to all the links and videos attached to the puzzle piece. The eBook version the reader can click the link. This allows for dynamic links and reference that are maintained and improved to support in research.

Search terms to help one research the topic through a search engine.

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