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NOTE: All Articles of DARK 2020 come from Puzzling Words. These will become unpublished before 2019. Starting in 2019, the articles will be updated and republished over the next 2 years.
Splenda or Sucralose
Tim LeClair   26 Jul 2012 12:43 AM pst
  1.  Slpenda is another FDA shady approval of something that could be a serious health risk. Why does the FDA allow the manufacturer to do the studies for product approval? Splenda is mostly sugar as in 99 percent. They hide the facts by staying under minimum required reporting for calories and sugar levels per package. Splenda destroys the good bacteria in your intestine, while increasing acidity which stimulates the growth of harmful bacteria and yeast. Splenda lowers the effectiveness of the immune system which can lead to a number of side effects.

  2.   The possible side effects include WEIGHT GAIN, flushing or redness of the skin, burning feeling of the skin, rash, itching, panicky or shaky feeling, swelling, blisters on the skin, welts, nausea, stomach cramps, dry heaves, becoming withdrawn, loss of interest in usual activities, feeling forgetful, moodiness, dulled senses, unexplained crying, acne or acne-like rash, anxiety, panic attacks, feelings of food poisoning, headache, seeing spots, mental or emotional breakdown, altered emotional state, pain (body, chest), bloated abdomen, diarrhea, trouble concentrating/staying in focus, feeling depressed, vomiting, seizures, shaking and feeling faint. Though the mental and digestive side effects seem to be of concern the long term issues have not been fully realized yet.

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