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NOTE: All Articles of DARK 2020 come from Puzzling Words. These will become unpublished before 2019. Starting in 2019, the articles will be updated and republished over the next 2 years.
Florida Forever; but Owned by the Banksters 4-4
Tim LeClair   21 Jul 2012 02:52 PM pst

 This is the best example of how the banks are buying the world. Under the term sustainability, Florida has a plan to obtain over 5 billion dollars worth of land so it cannot be developed. Most of the money to buy the land is coming from Revenue Refunding bonds that are being bought by banks like J.P. Morgan. Not only is the land being bought but also maintenance of the land is costing Florida millions each year. The Governor Rick Scott attempted to not fund this program. He was quickly attacked by every media source and conservation group. I guess Rick Scott did not know the importance of Agenda 21 to his political career? Florida is a good example to what is happening in every state in the USA and every country under the United Nations. What happens if Florida does not have the money when these bonds mature? The year 2014, this issue was put on the ballot as an amendment to take 33% from the excise tax and for the next 20 years; it was voted in to law. Now it is part of the state’s constitution. The truth is Florida was coming due on Florida Forever and Preservation 2000 bonds and this excise tax is paying this debt and backing more debt! With inflation, it is expected to equal 300 million dollars a year of land grabbing power. The deceit of this story is beyond most imagination until the puzzle is clearer. Enter Agenda 21! The biggest note is the banks are collecting interest money on these bonds. The more the land, the more bonds, the more money the banks are robbing the tax payers of Florida. Often we hear about the lack of money for police, teachers and fire fighters, this is a primary reason!

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