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V12 - US Empire

 Re-Education Camps to Brainwash for Repatriation
 NSPD 51 / HSPD 20 incase Martial Law is Necessary
 S.624, Bill to Demolish Your House and Relocate You
 Council of Governors; Death of State Sovereignty
 Presidential Directives
 Rex 84; the Emergency Contingency Plan
 Youth Corps Act 2012, to create a new Hitler’s Army
 Texas Loses Standoff Against US tyranny
 Barnes v. State; Random House Searches in the USA
 CPS Drugging Children taken from Drug Users 5-5
 Spanking Child is a Felony in Some States
 Tax Courts where no one is Innocent
 Inalienable Rights of the U.S. Constitution
 Removal of Guns is just Propaganda
 Gun Liability Insurance
 1033 Program Providing Police with Military Weapons
 Executive Orders make US Congress Useless
 US Constitution sets up the Empire
 Best Interest; the new term for General Welfare
 Mandatory Volunteering
 USA PATRIOT Act and the end of We The People
 Army Manuals for using Civilian Prisoner Labor
 Military Cooperation with Civilian Law Act
 Executive Chief of Staff, the Real US President
 Non-Profits Forfeit their First Amendment Rights
 Drug Testing everyone in the United States
 Common Law; Not a Law but it is Common
 U.S. Constitution Analysis and reinterpretation
 Criminal Fines Improvement Act
 John Warner Defense Authorization Act
 Classified 28 Pages to Blackmail Saudi Arabia: 3-3
 EB-5 Program
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