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I have restricted content to this web-book. All content will be published to Smashwords and Steemit.

2018 January 22 - Setting a path! The Goal by Friday is to release to Smashwords the first volume of DARK. This volume is becoming a task as it sets the value of the following volumes. I will be testing "streemit" and if it fills the money needed to support the efforts of ThyArt, then I will incorporate it into my efforts to spread ThyArt. I will be focused on releasing the 25 volumes of DARK over the next 6 months; this will include the ThyArt Campaigns and ThyArt A Good Life.

ThyArt Project is about bringing people together with individual traits to build a society that works to protect the individual from collectivism. Based of the principal that all people are born noble, no person or class of people are greater or more important than any individual. No individual has a right to force their belief on another in the attempts to make a collective. The only collective in ThyArt Society is for individualism and the right to be an individual.

Tao Te ThyArt - There is no one nobler than thyself. No one is more important than thyself. Never idolize another person. No person is better than another is and it is a self responsibility to ensure not to be lowered beneath another. When one stands for the meek and raises them, they also raise self. When nobility approaches greatness, nobility does not look up or down but instead stands among friends. To bring another down or consider less is to lower self below humanity. That is comparable to lowering the steps to get to a higher height; it gets one not any higher. If belittled, walk away from those not noble. Walk away from foolishness for it will contaminate and destroy nobility. Nobility is not loud or arrogant. The noble person is the best leader and the best follower. A truly noble person is the one that lives a noble life, a quality born to all, not inherited but few retain. Bow to none, yet bow to all.

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