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Tao Te ThyArt

Thyart is about creating spiritual and physical happiness.

Tao Te ThyArt - There is no one nobler I. No one is more important than I am. Never idolize another person. No person is better than another is and it is a self responsibility to ensure not to be lowered beneath another. When one stands for the meek and raises them, they also raise self. When nobility approaches greatness, nobility does not look up or down but instead stands among friends. To bring another down or consider less is to lower self below humanity. That is comparable to lowering the steps to get to a higher height; it gets one not any higher. If belittled, walk away from those not noble. Walk away from foolishness for it will contaminate and destroy nobility. Nobility is not loud or arrogant. The noble person is the best leader and the best follower. A truly noble person is the one that lives a noble life, a quality born to all, not inherited but few retain. Bow to none, yet bow to all.

ThyArt - ThyArt ( thī-ärt ) is a philosophy of finding human balance within Tao and Te, for better understanding toward survival, health, happiness, and wealth. ThyArt stresses the importance of a balance between any collective and the individual.  The individual should never become a collective thought where the individual fails to think for self.  ThyArt is a reference of tools to define your art!

MiiArt - ( mī-ärt ) singular pronoun used to reference one self and whom they are. MiiArt is a term under ThyArt that refers to an individual sum of their life and presence, displaying everything that is beautiful as well as ugly. It is the past, present, and direction of their future. It is my art!

ThyArtist - ThyArtist ( thī-är-tĭst ) is a term under ThyArt that refers to the individual that follows the concept of ThyArt to find his or her own greatness. There are no other guidelines, rules, or rituals. A ThyArtist is an individual trying to find his or her own greatness.

These are the three words of ThyArt. ThyArt is a guide in creating your art called MiiArt. It is an individual choice to consider self a ThyArtist. While ThyArt suggest red, blue, and yellow the individual may find preference in purple and green.

The Canvas: As I go through life, a painting is created that is I. It is my canvas and upon it is my art. Some of the artistry comes from my self and some from others. No matter, I am the one that molds each situation into what it is, whether it displays as something ugly or beautiful. Though I must ask myself, is it presentable to my purpose? Can I make MiiArt be considered exemplary and a model for duplication? With this understanding, I must make sure the summations of the strokes are pleasing and memorable. I must touch up the past and I must strive to paint a brilliant future. My Spirit must become indomitable. My dedication to worthy commitments must be fearless. My life is about me through my responsibilities to create great unity among all good people and improving humanity by one (MiiArt).

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