LIGHT 2020

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LIGHT 2020

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Currently I have no plans to focus on A "Good Life" until the year 2020. This is about providing the missing instructions to life.

50 to 15: There is much left out in the education system that is important for the success of a person towards adulthood. Perfection seems to be the rare case with most young adults meeting failure and many costly learning lessons. The two opposites from perfection are not doing enough and doing too much both.

50 to 30: In the path to a successful retirement one must plan and be prepared.

50 to 5: The end product of an adult and their success is often from how the parent raises the child.

50 to 50: There is much research to do and many serious options that can make or break one from a happy and successful retirement. I am just entering this age range and it is a serious blackhole in the education system to ensure that the collective perform the correct steps toward success. I lived my life of mistakes and hopefully now more aware I can research for the best path for self and also what options best for others.

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