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Clues in Climate Change.

With 10 years of researching, I have come to two conclusions. The first is the only protection to humanity is to maintain individualism over collectivism. The second is that the topic of Climate Change exposes the inner workings of the elite groups directing the path of humanity. Climate Change shows that many organizations, media outlets, and people of power have no problem committing to a lie, no matter how wrong it is.

There are three sides to the climate change story. One side says it is non-concerning and will have little to almost no effect; these are scientist from the oil industry or upper intellectual elite. One side says it is a serious concern and we must act now to counter the causes of human-made climate change; these are scientist often indirectly and often unknowingly supported or funded by the oil companies (the majority). These two make up the 97% of scientist. The third are the others that stand against the known lies and have a variety of conclusions, of which many are misled by the other two. There is so much deceit concerning the topic of Climate Change that it is easy to be led astray. The truth here will never have acceptance, as most scientist must sign on to the system for acceptance to the society and employment.


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