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Appendix - Sea Level Lowering
Tim of ThyArt   30 Apr 2020 / updated: 30/Apr/2020

Sea Level Increasing yet it is Decreasing:

There is no real coverage of the Earth concerning sea level conditions. Most of the data is sporadic and often where humans have settled causing its own inconsistencies. It is easy to select the sea level gauges that match the rhetoric. It is not provable as a fact that the sea is rising or that it is lowering, it is just a matter of selecting the gauges that fit the story that one wants to portray. The sea level rising story supports marketing funds for 100 trillion dollars in renewable energy over the next 80 years. There is no profit in the sea level decreasing.

What is displayed here is some of the sea level gauges showing overall a steady state of sea level loss from places all around the Earth.

There are many reasons for the sea level to change for a local location.

Erosion is a primary factor in sea level change. Besides the constant battering from waves and tides, weather plays an important role. The ocean as a surge approaches shallower water picks up a large amount of debris from the bottom. It becomes a factor of how much debris is picked up and where it is distributed to whether it adds to the coastal terrain or subtracts. Storms have been known to not only remove islands but also create islands.

Earthquakes and tectonic plate movement causes shifts in land level. One example is in the Philippines, General Santos City in 2017 decreased in sea level by 4,000mm (4 meters), while less than 150 miles away, Pagadian City increased by 3,000mm (3 meters).

Weight placed on surface is claimed to cause sinking. Business Insider "US Geological Survey shows that parts of Houston have sunk around 10 to 12 feet since the 1920s" Many of the sea level gauges are near cities that have grown in size adding sky scraping hotels to the beach fronts.

Draining of the aquifer is noted to cause land to sink. LA Times, "The land under Beijing is sinking by as much as four inches per year because of the overconsumption of groundwater".

Ice sheets on Greenland and Antarctica are claimed to regulate sea level. Antarctic is too cold to have any worth melt and has a constant accumulation year round due to weather bringing in water from the surrounding water. Greenland was well discussed as a non-player in adding water from glaciers and melt to the oceans.

Warming oceans will cause an expansion in water and rise to sea level. The rise that most scientists accept has been a steady increase since the end of the Little Ice Age.







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