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5 of 7 - Theory of Fallacy, Ignorance, to promote Lies

101 Introduction - Tim of ThyArt

This is a list of statements that are overall correct, that is these are the overall valid claims of those promoting the Theory of Climate Change by CO2. VIEW-ARTICLE

1 of 7 - ThyArt Above Climate Change

101 Introduction - Tim of ThyArt

It is going to be easily 4 percent of one's gross pay or for every $10,000 dollars or about $400 per year with hip-cups like forced to purchase electric vehicles. That is the price to you for the climate change rhetoric. If it is a lie as it is, it will all be for nothing but a scheme to steal the wealth, mostly from the middle class supporting the lie; as the extremely poor will be given carbon tax credits out of the middle class' increased tax burden. VIEW-ARTICLE

Timelime of ThyArt Above Climate Change

101 Introduction - Tim of ThyArt

This is not part of the indoctrination document. This page's purpose is to explain the planned path of ThyArt Above Climate Change in accomplishing its agendas and reaching its goals. The goal is to infect what is without doubt a lie with enough truths that it damages the health of the lie. The lie will not die easily if it is even possible to kill it. Behind it are names like Rothschild and Rockefeller, along with the banking / central banking community. VIEW-ARTICLE

Flaws of Real World Planck’s Function

201 The Basics - Tim of ThyArt

Planck's law describes the electromagnetic radiation emitted by a black body in thermal equilibrium at a definite temperature. Simple words, Planck’s law defines an approximation of a solid or liquid mass to the power of radiation emitted from its surface in relation to the temperature of the mass. VIEW-ARTICLE

Consensus of Scientists is a LIE

201 The Basics - Tim of ThyArt

In the United States 31,487 Scientist Disagree. The petition was done through the mail system, sent to known scientist just in the United States; therefore, it was not an anonymous polling that allowed massive fraud. Suspicious returned petitions where validated if possible or discarded. The 31,487 count of scientist is a fairly accurate one. VIEW-ARTICLE

Meet Eddy the ~1060 Year Cycle

201 The Basics - Tim of ThyArt

The Eddy cycle is recognized as having a 975 +- 45 year periodicity; this could be possible as that makes the maximum periodicity of 1020 years but seems more as foolery to destroy its correlation to actual historical temperature records. By comparing the periods of cold and warm from this cycle, the periodicity appears to align more up with around 1040 years to 1080 years periodicity. VIEW-ARTICLE

Removing Energy from the Atmosphere

201 The Basics - Tim of ThyArt

The question is, where does the 10F (5C) to 30F (17C) of energy go from the hot of afternoon to cold of the morning on a common day? How does the mass of the atmosphere cool that is over 97% nitrogen and oxygen? VIEW-ARTICLE

Man Made Climate Change

201 The Basics - Tim of ThyArt

The claim is that such products as oil, gasoline, coal, and natural gas when used that the resultant carbon dioxide enters the atmosphere increasing the percentage of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, resulting in the climate to change due to its ability to retain radiation in the infrared range that would normally go directly to outer space, this retention would result primarily in a warmer Earth. VIEW-ARTICLE

About the Author

201 The Basics - Tim of ThyArt

I entered what I would consider a field that required a broad range of scientific knowledge in the field of avionics as an Aviation Electricians Mate, referred to as Aviation Everything. My daily task was to repair systems that related to Aircraft instrumentation, air data computations, flight control, automatic flight control, attitude reference, inertial navigation, and much more. I retired from the Navy at 20 years with half the time working at the aircraft level and the other half at the black box level. VIEW-ARTICLE

Websites Claiming Climate Change is Wrong

EXTRAS / Websites - Tim LeClair

My Goal here is to provide 100 powerful websites that support the evidence that Climate Change is a crime. VIEW-ARTICLE

Physics Of The Air Second Edition - by Humphreys,W.J.

EXTRAS / Documents - Tim LeClair

Physics Of The Air Second Edition - by Humphreys,W.J. This is a must read for the scientist that wants to have a better understanding of the atmosphere and potential of carbon dioxide if doubled or worse. VIEW-ARTICLE

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