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It takes Alcohol hours to kill Bacteria
Tim LeClair   25 Jul 2012 / updated: 21/Jan/2019

Many years ago, a good friend of mine in her final year of acquiring her Marine Biology degree did an experiment for class relating to the effectiveness of alcohol in killing bacteria. She asked me if I knew that alcohol did not kill bacteria. She said it took the bacteria 6 hours to die in alcohol, which was almost the same time it took for it to die in water; which was 6 1/2 hours. Experiments were done at 60% and 90% alcohol content without bacteria dying near instantly. At 90% alcohol, it took the bacteria 4 1/2 hours to die!

One person presented this experiment on YouTube with the results of just over 2 hours for 91% alcohol. Likely the reason for varying results to occur is the different types of bacteria used in the experiments.

Can you imagine how many times a doctor or a mother has swabbed an area of the skin to make it germ free? Even knowing this fact it is still hard to break the brain washing that claims that alcohol kills germs effectively. Yet going to the most notable medical websites they support the belief that alcohol kills germs and some even explain how.

How hard is this to prove or disprove? Not too hard but instead, we remain clueless due to a system that fails to provide accurate trust worthy information and data. Does Alcohol kill bacteria? Indirectly but not effectively! The alcohol increases the process of evaporation of water leading to when the alcohol is evaporated so is much of the moisture in the skin, this leads to an environment less friendly to the bacteria or comparable to fish out of water. Or it breaks down the outside membrane wall of the bacteria while it screams I am melting for a few hours. But alcohol is not truly effective at killing bacteria and it still takes time for the bacteria to die; NOT INSTANTLY.

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