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Zika Virus more Fearmongering
Tim LeClair   28 Jun 2016 / updated: 17/Jan/2019

One must be extremely cautious when talking about health issues that could have serious misguidance. The HIV/AIDs, Chikungunya virus, West Nile virus, and now the Zika virus have been running the course of the Mainstream Media Horror Factory, spreading fear throughout the lands. The newest of these scares is the Zika virus. It is a virus that has little effect to the individual (sometimes without notice) is claimed but it is not proven to be responsible for new born birth defects.

First, I must list known agendas of the system: Population control, stealing of wealth, bad health (money), mass vaccinations, mass pesticide use, etc...

The Zika fits well into these agendas. The Bug (mosquitoes) Spraying industry has been secretively fighting to maintain business around the globe and it is a lucrative one for the chemical producing companies. The medical industry reaps the benefits in many ways from government funding, donations and grants to understand, find testing methods, and maybe even find the cure or antidote. Then the medical industry can be paid well for all their work done with these FREE funds through the sale of test and a vaccine (or pill). The Mainstream Media is paid well to spread the fear and the cure. Doctors and laboratories are paid well from the fear mongering with many people feeling need to be tested just out of this exaggerated fear. The nonprofit industry collects their money for finding a cure, helping the victims, or just because they can. The global industries attached to fear mongering a disease is a lucrative one. We all pay through our foolish kindness or the increased insurance.

When it comes to speculation on the Zika virus, some consider it a product of the genetically modified mosquitoes and the microcephaly birth defect. Another speculation is the birth defect is not caused by the mosquito bite but is due to the poisoning caused by the chemicals being sprayed to eradicate the mosquitoes. Currently there is no solid proof that the Zika virus is connected to microcephaly and is only speculation. One amazing fact is that while a Zika epidemic is happening in Brazil, the World Health Organization is stating that it is safe to hold the Olympics in this area of concern.

While the fear mongering continues, I want to present the facts that are important from the CDC website. Concerning pregnancy or wanting to have children to be on the safe side by not being exposed to mosquitoes during pregnancy. If considering having children it is recommended that the woman delay pregnancy for at least eight weeks after the first signs of the Zika infection. For the man it is recommended to wait at least six months after the first signs of the Zika infection. The CDC states that this period has been extended by three times the safe recommendation to ensure no risk to the child.

This outbreak and fear mongering of Zika filled the news just prior to the 2016 Olympics. How serious is Zika? Well it seems the threat of a pandemic as of no concern and tens of thousands of people headed to the epicenter of the virus concentration. Concerning our favorite World Health Organization by the United Nations, "The WHO dismissed the request, stating that "cancelling or changing the location of the 2016 Olympics will not significantly alter the international spread of Zika virus", and that there was "no public health justification" for postponing them".

On updating the links 1 of 37 was a dead link, but concerning YouTube videos 14 of 20 videos were removed. This indicates the censorship power of Google and the mainstream media to hide this concern of zika as mostly a get rich scheme for certain global industries, aka, medical and chemical.

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