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Tampons can give you Cancer
Tim LeClair   19 Nov 2015 / updated: 28/Jan/2019

Putting weed control and pesticides on plants can become a serious problem if the produce is porous and able to absorb these chemicals. Just cleaning will not neutralize these chemicals allowing the end user to be exposed to them. One of these is produce susceptible to this concern is cotton. Glyphosate (Weed control, Roundup) has been proven to cause cancer and is one of these chemicals that is found in tampons, medical swabs and wipes, and many other products made of cotton. These products include those used in hospitals. One serious concern is tampons as 85% of the products in the store are contaminated. The long exposure time to this sensitive area may be a reason for many young women with tumors and cancer.

I rated this a 3 of 5 for my confidence. Many reports have come out and called this a myth and an urban legend. I would take their side if there were not so many provable equals to this such as Kenyan Bishops testing the shots being administered in the country to covertly reduce birth rate of the woman. Another enforcement for adding this piece is that without some form of neutralization these chemicals used on plants like cotton will remain. Glyphosate has been proven to be non-biodegradable. so it is real possibility that it could be in cotton products on store shelves. Another thing that points to it being possibly the truth is that Monsanto is an aggressive entity that has the best of lawyers that would have brought their justice against such a false claim; I have not heard of such.

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