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Brake for some Asbestos
Tim LeClair   19 Nov 2015 / updated: 16/Jan/2019

This should add to the shock as most everyone has been drilled with the fear of asbestos related cancer. Many vehicles still use asbestos brakes. Today as you drive around on the busy roads with cars and trucks stopping and going the vehicle slowly emits an asbestos dust. You may expose yourself to this dust as you clean the rims on your vehicle. The reason those front tires look a bit dirtier faster is because the front brakes use pads that are not as contained as the drum brakes used in the rear. That powder that accumulates on your tire rims is brake shoe pad dust and many cars and trucks still use asbestos. All in a day you may be consuming thousands of years of exposure to all the rest of the asbestos hazards around you take were so costly for many building and companies to remove. The bigger concern as most modern personal vehicles use non-asbestos brakes is exposure in urban traffic. It is a true concern for those that work on vehicles especially brake replacement.

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