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Lead Poisoning for Everyone
Tim LeClair   19 Nov 2015 / updated: 16/Jan/2019

Lead has been known to be a poison long before it was added to gasoline. When it was finally decided to remove lead from gasoline it took another 25 years to accomplish this task. The main reason was not due to health concerns but the lead caused clogging of the catalytic converters.

If you live in a much older home, you may have lead pipes that are increasing lead exposure through the water. Lead was in the paint in older homes.

From Lead Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) (remember Fluorine is worse than Lead)

Chronic exposure: central nervous system damage, gastrointestinal disturbances, anemia, reduced hemoglobin production , fatigue, headaches, tremors and hypertension. Very high lead exposure can result in lead encephalopathy with symptoms of hallucinations, convulsions, and delirium.  Kidney dysfunction and possible injury has also been associated with chronic lead poisoning. Chronic over-exposure to lead has been implicated as a causative agent for the impairment of male and female reproductive capacity. Lead can cross the placental barrier and unborn children may suffer neurological damage or developmental problems due to excessive lead exposure. Lead and lead compounds are listed as an A3 carcinogen. IARC has listed lead compounds as Group 2A Carcinogens (Probably Carcinogenic to Humans) while lead metal is listed as Group 2B (Possibly Carcinogenic to Humans).  The NTP lists lead and lead compounds as Reasonably Anticipated to be a Human Carcinogen.  OSHA and the EU do not currently list lead as a human carcinogen.

The reasons for purposeful allowed exposure to lead is baffling. This is just another one that makes one question does the industry care about health or money or is it about bad health equals money?

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     V04 - Health
      Page 24 of 72

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